Shop & Supermarket

Shop and Supermarket shelving is slightly different compared to standard display fixtures as a supermarket will sell items in a much higher volume. The shelving chosen by the store owner must work several different ways, 
  • it must be user friendly for both sales clerks and customers
  • the shelving must make maximum stock and selling areas out of the space provide for it. 
  • the shelving must be fully adjustable to suit any product or display situation.
Metco Limited offers a full shop fitting service to meet your supermarket display requirements.

Chocolate Display Shelving
Revolving Display Stand
Vegetable Display Shelving

Vegetable Display Central Unit

Vegetable Display Rack
Supermarket Shelving, High Wall
Single sided Gondola
Supermarket Shelving, Single Sided Gondola 
Checkout Counter One Way

Supermarket Checkout Counter One Way
 Checkout Counter Three Way
Supermarket Checkout Counter Two Way

Retail Display Shelving

Retail Display Units, Option of Shelves or  Peg Board for Hooks. Storage Cabinets and Mounting for Advertisement Signage

Clothes Display Stand

Retail Clothes Display Stand
Wall mounted racking with adjustable glass shelves
Wall mounted racking with adjustable glass shelves for Shop and Supermarket
 Shop display shelving

Shop display shelving

Vegetable display - central island

Vegetable Display Racking  - Central Island
Supermarket End Gondola - Wire Frame Display

Double Sided Supermarket Shelving Gondola
Card display Stand

Card Display Stand

4 way adjustable height clothes display Stand
4 Way Adjustable Clothes Display Stand
Shopping Basket

Shopping Basket
Shopping Trolley

Shop and Supermarket
Shopping Trolley


Shopping basket trolley

Shopping Basket Trolley
Display Bin

Display Bin

Bakery Display Table
Bakery Display Table
Bakery Display 2 Basket Unit
Bakery Display - Baguette Display