Warehouse Racking

Warehouse Pallet Racking System
Metco provides efficient Solutions for any space and any load. We specialise in the manufacture of pallet racking, drive-in racking, push back racking and our Pallet racking is available in wide, narrow or very narrow aisle formats.  Our Racking solutions have loading capacities from 500kg to 3000kg per beam pair.  

Easily and quickly installed, the versatility of pallet racking means all manner of product can be stored in both palletized and non palletized conditions.

The professional planning for efficient use of a pallet racking system is crucial and Metco Limited can help you plan and implement the most efficient use of your space.

Pallet Racking Connector Detail


Pallet Racking
Warehouse Shelving

Pallet Racking 2
Galvanized Panels


Steel Floor Decking Mezzanine System

Steel Floor Decking, Walkways, Catwalks

Light Duty Racking System
Easily and quickly installed, Metco's Light Duty Racking System is avaiable in three shelf sizes
1200mm x 570mm shelves, 
1500mm x 570mm shelves
1800mm x 570mm Shelves
Standard Units are 2.4m high and 3m high with four or five shelving levels.  These racking units can store upto 300kg per shelf level and can be used for both domestic and commerical storage. You can have a choice of galvanised panel decking, metal decking or MDF boards for the shelves.  
Light Duty Racking with Galvanised Panel Decking
Light Duty Racking and Shelving
Longspan Shelving System
Longspan shelving is designed specifically to contain high, wide and bulky loads. Longspan bridges the storage gap between light duty Shelving & Pallet racking with a load capacity of 600kg per shelf level. It can be customised to meet your requirements. 

Easily and quickly installed, the versatility of longspan shelving allows all manner of product to be stored efficiently.
Warehouse Accessories
In addition to the heavy duty shelving and racking, Metco Limited can also fabricate customised staircase and mezzanine systems to make full use of the available height in your warehouse. We also fabricate and supply heavy duty trolleys and stacking pallets for use within the warehouse, together with a full range of protective devices to maximise the useful life of your investment. 

Portable ladder trolley
Portable ladder trolley
Heavy Duty Trolley

Heavy Duty Transport trolley
 Sack Trolley

Sack Trolley
Stackable Metal Pallet

Stackable Metal Pallet

Column Guard

Column Guard
Bay Guard

Bay Guard