Mobile Bulk Filing


Mechanical Mobile Bulk Filing

Manual Mobile Bulk Filing Cabinet
Manual Mobile Bulk Filing

Here at Metco Limited, we manufacture manual bulk filing solution and mechanical bulk filing solutions which can be customised to your exact requirements. Our cabinets include central locking, anti-tilt functions and dual purpose shelves suitable for box file storage or lateral file storage. 

Benefits of Mobile Bulk Filing Storage

Space saving office storage solutions

It is widely accepted that office and archival accommodation represents a major operating expenditure, more so in prime locations. The principle of high-density mobile storage is well established saving both on office space and costs with on going benefits of simplified security and shorter picking routes and rapid retrieval, which lead to improved storage management and a smoother running office environment.

High-density mobile storage

High-density mobile storage

1. count the cost

High-density mobile storage

2. count the space saving

High-density mobile storage

3. count the extra