Construction & Agriculture

Introducing top quality agriculture, gardening and construction tools and equipment from Tramontina, Brazil.
Machete_Panga_Plastic Handle

24", 26" or 28" Carbon Steel Blade Machete (Panga) with plastic handle

20" Carbon Steel Blade  Machete (Panga) with wooden handle
     16" Machette_Panga

16" Carbon Steel Blade Machete (Panga) with wooden handle

26" or 28" Carbon Steel Blade Machete (Panga) with wooden handle
 Grass hook with hardwood handle
Grass Hook with hardwood handle
     Grass hook with toothed blade
Grass Hook with hardwood handle and toothed carbon steel blade.
 Light Rake

Light Rake, curved with 12 or 14 teeth
 Heavy Rake
Heavy Rake, curved with 12, 14, or 16 teeth
 Round point spade with handle

Round point Spade with wooden Handle
Hedge shears with toothed blade
Hedge Shears with 12" toothed blade
Hedge Shears
Hedge Shears, 12" blade

Pruning Saw wooden handle

Pruning Saw, wooden handle
Bypass Pruner domestic use
 Pruner, domestic use
Professional by pass pruner
Pruner, Professional use
 Professional by pass pruner heavy duty
Pruner, Professional Heavy Duty
Wheel barrow

Wheel barrow, heavy duty bucket, metal handles and solid rubber tyre
Rotary mover
Manual Reel Mover  
Forged Hoe
Forged Hoe
 Masons Trowel

Masons trowel with curved shank and wooden handle in 6", 7" and 8"
Static Sprinkler

Static sprinkler with quick connection

Metal Impulse Sprinkler
Metal impulse sprinkler, can cover 26m diameter
Garden Hose

3/4" Garden Hose. Available in 15m and 30m lengths
 1/2" Garden Hose

1/2" Garden Hose. Available in 15m and 30m lengths.
Irrigation Hose

1/2" Soaker Hose for Irrigation. Can be used above or below ground.