Cable & Server Management

Galvanised Cable Trays

length: 2440mm

Width: from 50 to 600mm

Height 25, 50, 75, 100mm

Supplied with joining brackets and bolts.

Wall mounting brackets and ceiling mounting brackets also available.

Office Trunking

Length: 2440mm

Width:200x50mm, 100x50mm

Options of one, two or three compartments, inner and outer corners and single or double socket cut outs.

Floor Trunking

Length 2400mm

Width from 100mm to 300mm

Inverter and Battery Storage Cabinet

Inverter and Battery Storage Cabinet. Heavy duty construction with vents and key lock. Insulated shelves to prevent battery discharge.

Server Cabinets

Metco Server Cabinets are cost effective and suitable for high density cabling requirements for copper, fibre and 19" equipment.

Technical Detail

  • Perforated front and rear doors.

  • Solid Side Panels

  • Top sheet with 1 cable entry and fan cut outs

  • 2 pairs of depth adjustable heavy duty 19" mounting Rails

  • Adjustable Feet

  • Bottom Cover with 1 cable entry

Sizes available

26U 1309x 600 x 1000mm

36U 1753X600 x 1000mm

42U 2000x600x1000mm

Silent Generator Canopies

Custom Made Generator Canopies for 60KVA, 100KVA and large units.